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This maxim is an engine that is constantly driving us to innovate and look for better solutions in functional interior furniture. We are creating a highly functional interiors for every kind of sportsperson, small or big, professional or amateur. Put simply: for everyone who enjoy all kind of sports! We believe that cosy and comfortable surroundings, including dressing rooms and lavatories can bring new people to sports.  


Our Story

Our company was founded two years after The Velvet Revolution when it was finally possible after 40 years to freely create new businesses. Build and create and to “change the world” for The Czech Republic, its construction industry, buildings and culture. And thus construction industry was the chosen direction by our owner and founder Ing. Dušan Frajt.

 Soon we started to produce custom plywood furniture and from there we started to specialise in interior furniture. We were, and still are, constantly introducing new methods and materials such as high pressure laminate, aluminium and stainless steel into our products.

High pressure laminate has some amazing properties – its hardness, water resistance and endurance in aggressive environment made the switch towards commercial bathrooms furniture easy for our company. We started with bathroom partitions made from HPL and continued with shower screens, lockers, change rooms, as well as reception furniture. And today we supply a comprehensive range of furniture for all areas of sports complexes.



Our company video presentation

What is important for us:


We are standing behind our products and it is important for us to produce quality furniture you can rely on. Thus we have introduced a 10 year warranty period on a series “A” HPL furniture.

Timely delivery

As it is important to keep to the agreed time for a meeting it is important for us to adhere to agreed time frame for delivery of our products.

Functional and aesthetically pleasing environment 

We can rely on our vast experiences when designing products for our clients sports complexes. We are always introducing new materials and concepts into our products sourced locally as well as from abroad.



Our mission

Modern technology

The use of technology in modern sports complexes is on the rise and thus we are introducing new technology into our products for example electronic locks.


We are moving forward with innovative products – glass partitions with ceramic print. For this special technology of digital print , Double Vision Efekt, we have received a reward – GRAND PRIX – FORARCH



GRAND PRIX – FORARCH reward ceremony

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