Glass wall cladding

with digital ceramic print

Interior glass wall cladding

Glass wall cladding will bring new level of sophistication to interiors of theatres  as well as administrative and commercial buildings.  Glass cladding will lift the environment of dressing rooms of such buildings to 21st century.

Precise digital print guarantees quality workmanship of motives which are printed on on glass panels  5 to 8 mm thick. Because our glass panels are tempered they are safe as well for their intended use. Another advantages of glass cladding are easy maintenance, aseptic hygienic properties.  

Detailed information about digital glass printing can be found here:    


Exterior glass wall cladding


The use of glass for exterior wall cladding is an innovative way for enhancing the look of buildings. Revolutionary properties of this material together with hidden brackets mounting system opens new horizons for architects in designing the exterior of buildings.

Tempered glass panels  (6 to 10 mm  thick) can be individually printed and in combination with stainless steel brackets/assembly crosses (spiders) one, two or three arms. These panels can be affixed to U profiles as well as can be glued with a special glue.


Glass paintings

As digital glass printing technology is very detailed and has a high resolution it can be used for printing wide variety of pictures. Be it family photographs or any other digital file with minimal resolution of 300 DPI. Such panels can be mounted with hidden brackets and thus creating floating feel.