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Electronic Payment and Checkout System

The EPOS system is designed for the modern control of complex facilities (multifunctional sports centres, united municipal sports premises). It represents a professional tool for the control of swimming pools, fitness centres, wellness centres, sports facilities, sports and hockey halls. EPOS controls entries of visitors, it registers movement and utilization of services in the facility.

How is EPOS seen by visitors?

The modern chip technologies that are the basis for EPOS10 offer possibility to use a chip medium in a wide choice of services. In practice, this means that the sports facility visitor obtains chip card or comfortable chip band (for possible visit to the swimming pool, sauna, sports facilities, etc.). Visitor uses this medium to get through turnstiles into the premises and locker rooms where the visitor locks the cloth locker using his/her chip. Visitor moves in the zones of specific premises using his/her chip to make payments, loans of sports utensils, payments for utilization of services (e.g. massages, sun parlor, wellness centre, sauna, etc.). The chips further functions as a parking ticket or as a discount or loyalty card as well. This way the customer obtains wide utilization options when he/she can use one card to operate the door locks, parking gates, cloth lockers while simply making payments. Owing to the clear payment and charging system the customer as well as the keeper can always keep a good track of everything. The advantage of the electronic payment system EPOS is definitely a simple operation, promptness, good track of the costs and optional chip extension by further services.

What does EPOS10 bring to the operator?

The EPOS system offers a simple intuitive method for configuration of parameters of the entire facility. It provides tools for setting and planning the price levels, discounts and marketing actions. It provides prompt information on the workload of premises, reservation planning, detail analyses of the collected data, statistics.

Advantages of EPOS10

  • high standard and comfort for clients
  • simple operation of locks and entries
  • central registry and management of client’s payments for services
  • modular system, possibility of gradual extension of the payment checkout system

Function of Chip Wristwatch and Chip Card

  • key
  • payment card
  • loyalty or discount card
  • parking ticket


Basic Properties of Epos10 System

  • Modular system
  • Individual configuration as required by customer
  • Capability to adapt to various organizational requirements
  • Reliable HW
  • Comfort and modular SW
  • Online control, virtual bank
  • Combination of purchase, services and goods
  • Sophisticated discount system
  • Season tickets – deductions of points and money
  • Cashless payments – advance payments
  • Outputs for accounting