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Chip Wristband Collector :

The chip wristband collector is used as a parallel device to the TR and TT type turnstiles and it is intended into the buildings with controlled people movement that employ operator-free checkout system where the chip (RFID) identification is used through the wristband tickets. The chip wristband collector can be integrated directly into the turnstile.

Owing to both the electronic equipment of the entry and exit panel and the control electronics, it allows implementation of operator-free checkout and payment application of the controlled people movement in interiors. Simultaneously, the collector has a function of barrier (guide hand rail) to the coupled turnstile.
The wristband collector is composed of two stands the top faces of which are fitted with integrated terminals (panels) that provide communication with the user.
The entry stand with integrated terminal is equipped with a contactless scanner of the wristband chip data and with visual light signalling of the passage control.
The exit stand with integrated terminal is fitted with a band mechanics for wristband collection and a basket for collected wristbands. On request it is fitted with interactive LCD display with graphical information in relevant language for customers

It Collects the Following Chip Wristband Types:

  • with firm (plastic) wristband
  • with infirm (textile) wristband
  • with silicone wristband

Modifications and Types of Chip Wristband Collectors:

 SS-01x(with LED)   SS-02x(with LCD display) SS /L (left-hand)       SS /P (right-hand)

Turnstile with Integrated Chip Wristband Collector:

    SS 121-0990/L             SS 121-0990/P           SS 121-0990/D – Both sided signalling


Material Version:

All-metallic jacket of stainless steel according to AISI 304 or AISI 316L – on request, surface ground by a brush or, if appropriate, polished – on request. It can be also supplied with cabinet painted with powder paints according to the RAL shades. The display panel material of a hardened safety glass.


The instrument is equipped with a safety mechanism for wristband collection, it checks the wristband for presence and passage by using the optical scanners, and it prevents hooking out – back extraction of the collected wristband.
When the basket of the collected wristbands is being emptied the cover is not opened in order to render impossible the contact with electrical components. The compact design with rounded edges disables user injuries, the removable covers are locked.

Basic Functions:

Entry checkout: Once the wristband is put to the entry terminal the instrument performs contactless data reading and user identification. After the wristband data verification against the data in the checkout system, the instrument’s control electronics controls automatically the passage through the coupled turnstile. Enabled (or disabled) status of the passage through turnstile and the passage direction is indicated on a large display panel of the entry terminal on the basis of variously coloured symbols.

Exit checkout: Once the wristband is put to the wristband collection mechanics’ mouth the instrument performs contactless data reading and consequent complex inspection in the checkout system (identification, validity, stay period, arrears, used locker’s locked status…). After the correct data verification the mechanics shifts a wristband automatically into the collected wristband basket. Consequently, the control electronics releases passage through the coupled turnstile. If the stay period is exceeded or if any arrear must be paid, the wristband is rejected, the instrument’s control electronics disables passage through the turnstile, referring the user to cash desk. If the used locker’s lock is locked, the wristband is rejected, the instrument’s control electronics disables passage through the turnstile, informing the user about the locker number that is locked by the wristband. All the communication with user takes place via the interactive LCD display of the exit terminal using a visual image animation and light signalling system.