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Credit Card Terminals

They meet all the requirements for operator free implementation of payments for services.

After they have been included into the service database system they realize complete cash and cashless financial transactions.

In the operator free person checkout system deployed in the premises with chip identifiers (chip wristbands, cards), the credit card terminal is usually used for reimbursement of the service fees in the premises or of various arrears resulting from exceeded stay periods in the controlled zones of relevant premises. Once the chip is put to the reading device of the credit card terminal, the device reads and displays complete information on financial movements in the client’s account to determine the amount to be reimbursed. Payment can be done in cash by using coins or bank notes of relevant currency or by using the standard credit card. The data on payment operation are consequently printed on receipt.

For the device keeper, the instrument offers clear menus for maintenance and complete management of the customer database. It allows sending the reports necessitating service interventions (supplementation of coins, bank notes, paper into printer, etc.).

Credit card terminal together with further elements of the controlled movement and checkout of persons allows for creation of a complete operator free operation of the entire application.

  • The terminal’s front panel concentrates the entire instrument equipment to implement payments of a single-shot customer and subscribers
  • The large interactive panel for communication with user in relevant language displays information on the stay period in the premises, payments for stay and further services, information on the subscriber card’s validity and credit, it visualizes the payment process, charging of subscriber’s credit, and it realizes printing of the payment receipt.
  • Reading device for the payment and credit cards accepts the payment cards VISA, Mastercard, Elektron.
  • The reading device allows for contactless scanning of data from chip wristbands and cards of subscribers.
  • The printer issuing the payment receipts will print an acquittance in relevant currency and language mutation.