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Interactive Touch Infoterminal

It is intended for the indoor and outdoor applications, for displaying the basic set of the user’s identification and time data in the operator-free control and person checkout system.
The colour touch display with increased mechanical resistance during the touch control has clearly arranged display data, it shows high luminance and good visibility even under a large light source or in solar radiation. In the basic design, it shows data on the locked locker number, stay period in specific zone and also on payments and arrears as required by customer. The displayed data structure can be unique for each zone. It allows selection of communication from 5 preset languages. The chip wristband and card scanner with high reading sensitivity is located directly under the display.

The first-rate design of the robust sleeve and perfect tightness both guarantee high reliability and long service life in the climatically demanding outdoor applications with a wide temperature range as well as in the humid rooms with high content of chlorine and in another aggressive or acid environment. Owing to the proposed design, signal system and clear communication with user, the terminal is used intuitively without the need to additionally inform the users.

The contactless RFID scanner of chip wristbands (transponders) or cards works as required with various scanning unit’s frequencies and it is equipped with colour signalling for reading identification. Light signalling can be supplied in high luminance version. For the outdoor application, the terminal can be equipped with acoustic signalling. The terminal can also be fitted with the ticket or card reading technology with identification bar code.

Reference Version of Infoterminal

  Terminal RI-RDR-401

Basic Functions:

After the wristband or card has been applied or the ticket inserted into the bar code scanner, the instrument verifies identification data in the EPOS control database to display the data set on display according to the preselected structure in specific zone.

Data Display:

  • Actual time
  • Entry time
  • Remaining prepaid time
  • Time spent in specific zone
  • Remaining credit
  • Arrear amount