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Parking System

It assures complex vehicle checkout operations into the paid parking zones.

The System Consists of:

  • parking stands (entry + exit)
  • toll-bars (entry + exit)
  • light signalling elements (traffic lights, large-scale information panels)
  • vehicle detection system
  • vehicle type identification system
  • credit card terminal

Parking system ensures checking-in of single-shot customers (single-shot parking ticket + cash payment) as well as subscribers (chip card + direct debit)
Parking ticket may also be used as an admission ticket into premises, buildings, or it can be used as a voucher to make use of further services. Parking system can be deployed autonomously but it can also be a part of complex solution of the EPOS person checkout system.
Owing to optional deployments into the complex person checkout the system is predestined for the parking lot applications:

  • of sports buildings and premises
  • of aqua parks, entertainment parks
  • of hotels, corporate parking lots
  • of private or public parking lots