Electronic payment and Access control system


The EPOS system has been designed from ground up for modern control of multilayered facilities (multi-functional sports centres, municipal sports arenas). It represents a professional tool for access control of swimming pools, fitness centres, wellness centres, sports facilities and hockey halls. EPOS controls the entry of visitors, their movement and utilisation of services at the facility.

How is EPOS being perceived by customers?

Modern chip technologies that form the base of EPOS10 allow to use a chip as a medium for entry as well as for payment for a wide range of services. That means that customer obtains a chip card or comfortable chip band (for wet area facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, sports facilities). Customer then uses this medium to gain access through turnstiles into premises and locker rooms where clothes lockers are locked using the chip. Customer then can move through the facilities and make payments, rent sports equipment, pay for services (e.g. massages, solariums, wellness centre, sauna, and others). The chips can further function as a parking ticket or as a discount or loyalty card.


Thus customers gain and easy method how to use and pay for wide variety of services such as lock doors, parking gates, various clothes lockers and then pay only for what she or he used. Among advantages of EPOS payment and access control system are ease uf use, speed, accountability and the possibility to easily implement further services into the chips.

What does EPOS10 bring to entrepreneurs?

The EPOS payment and access control system is easy to configure and maintain. Has tools for easy planing price levels as well as discount and marketing campaigns.  Has real time reports such as utilisation, reservations, various statistics readouts and others.

Advantages of EPOS10

  • high standard and comfort for customers
  • easy operation of various locks and gates
  • central registry and management of customer’s payments
  • modular system, possibility of gradual expansion of the payment management system

Function of Chip Wristwatch and Chip Card

  • key
  • payment card
  • loyalty or discount card
  • parking ticket

Basic properties of Epos10 system

  • Modular system
  • Individual configuration to customer requirements
  • Capability to adapt to various organisational requirements
  • Reliable HW
  • Comfort and modular SW
  • Online management, virtual bank
  • Control of various purchases – services, goods
  • Sophisticated discount system
  • Season tickets – deductions of points or monies
  • Cashless payments – advance payments
  • Outputs for accounting