TT series turnstile


Three-arm rotary barriers suitable for automatic access control with supervision. This type of turnstile is fitted with ticket (card) reader and is installed within the line-of-sight of cash-desk or reception personnel. The TT 12x series turnstiles are not suitable for the access control in unguarded premises. The double turnstiles of 120-1090/DP01,  TT-121-1090/DL01, TT-122-1012/DP01 and TT-123-1012/DP01 types are intended for bidirectional operation. Two barriers with individual control are mounted onto the common frame.

TT series turnstiles types 122,123

  TT-122-1011/S01     TT-122-1012/DP01     TT-122-1012/DL01

TT series turnstile type 124


TT series turnstile types 126,127

 TT-127-1012/S01       TT-127-1012/S02        TT-127-1012/S03      TT-127-1012/S04

TT series turnstile type 128



The AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel is a food grade material and is resistant to chemical solvents.

  • Brushed arms, polished frame
  • All polished versions are available upon request