Kvalitní zázemí pro sport i volný čas

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  • Reception
  • Hotel system
  • Equipment for hotel rooms
  • Electronic locks for hotel doors
  • Projection consultancy

Hotel system EPOS
with connection to electronic locks provide a higher standard and comfort for guests and hotel operators.
Guest in the hotel or hotel complex will gets the smart card (that serves as a key or credit card, parking ticket or discount card or loyalty card) on the reception instead of keys. For the operator or owners the card is also imprinted by advertising.
If the hotel has under its administration, for example, a water park, gym and sauna can be expanded hotel system management functions on these facilities.

The whole system is built on the philosophy of “lego”, a modular system with the possibility of phased construction and expansion according to the requirements and possibilities of the investor.

The system can manage:

  • hotel reception
  • operation of the restaurant, including stock management
  • Parking System
  • management of aqua parks and leisure centers