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OTS Electronic Lock

The battery-operated offline lock that cooperates with MIFARE 1K and 4K transponders. The lock is operated by simple pressing a button through transponder.

The lock has independent power supply. It is powered by four alkaline 1.5V AA batteries. The battery service life is about 30 000 cycles. Battery charge level is measured and indicated at each locking cycle. Thus, the lock cannot be locked when the batteries are flat. When used in common manner, the battery service life is 2 to 5 years. When at rest, the batteries consume no energy.

Electronic lock allows configuration both in the reserved and free locking mode. It allows support of multi-application solution and it supports the customer-assigned sector and key in the MIFARE transponder.

Electronic lock is mechanically resistant and it is ready to be applied even in the humid and demanding conditions with high load.

It allows simple and safe installation to various types of locker doors. It is supplied both in the right-hand and left-hand version.

The lock can be controlled using a multi-level MASTER key.Lock supports the organizational hierarchy of locking and creation of groups. Thus, the high data safety and quality mechanical design makes the OTS electronic lock a perfect solution for electronic locking.

electronic lock OTS electronic lock OTS (1.4 MB / pdf)


Optional identifiers and accessories for electronic locks :

Chip pendants and chip cards