Change rooms

Change rooms are dedicated rooms for ensuring  privacy during necessary clothes change in public places. They can be supplied either free standing or attached to the walls. They can be designed as a stand alone units or walk through units. Walk through units are dedicated to separating clean/dirty zones.


  Typical change rooms installations:

  • in aqua parks and  swimming pools
  • open air pools and beaches
  • in shopping centres
  • surgeries
  • in hospitals and physiotherapy centres


Different materials for partitioning walls of change rooms are suited to different projects, in correlation with price/durability and warranty period. 

  • for change rooms in shopping centres –  LTD
  • for change rooms in factories and sporting complexes we recommend – CDF
  • for hospitals, aqua parks, winter sports and similar demanding environments – HPL

Colour schemes:

Colours can be freely combined from material catalogues. Wide choice include UNI colours, timber or different veneers. Should glass walls be used then the possibilities are almost endless, be in colour combinations, different graphics schemes, pictures – almost anything can be printed on a glass panel.


Door hardware is an indivisible and functional part of  any change room. Change rooms have stainless steel hardware as standard in combination with aluminium parts.


Change room catalogue download