LTD toilet cubicles

The toilet cubicles dividing walls are made from lightweight particle boards panels and are best suited for schools and various public buildings.  They are stable and come in wide range of colours. Pastel colours are really appreciated by children and darker shades are suited for coffe shops, town halls or cinemas. 



Main material for these cubicles is 28 mm thick LTD particle board covered with melamine foil. Edges are covered with anodised aluminium profiles.  Adjustable (160 – 190 mm) supporting legs are made from stainless steel and have female thread. Secure door locks have busy/free markers and can be opened from outside.

Colour combinations sample booklet:


Suitable for:
  • popular system for toilet cubicle system at schools
  • dividing walls at physio therapy centres
  • toilets in public buildings, supermarkets, restaurants