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Recommended assortment
Among our products you will find a special program for schools.

Sanitary facilities

Locker rooms

Lightweight toilet partitions

These toilet partitions are an appropriate solution for existing social facilities and also newly built areas.
The most commonly used system for schools of WC cabins made of laminated panels set into aluminum profiles. They are performed on stainless steel legs 15 cm high which allows easier maintenance for cleaning.

In relation to the interiors of social facilities we offer below:
Washbasin slabs, mirrors, shelves, and accessories such as. soap holder, dispensers paper towel or toilet paper. Washbasin slabs are supplied of the HPL material (high pressure laminate) The great advantage of this material is no absorbability. Wide range of colors HPL desks will satisfy the demands of architects.

Another field of production for schools are interior equipment for locker rooms.
Cloth Lockers, LCB Series they are an economical option suitable for school locker rooms. For locker rooms inherently belong benches.
Very interesting is the PIN code locks to use numeric combination. This eliminates the wearing and losing keys.

Discounts for schools

This embodiment are an economic option convenient for schools. From the viewpoint to supporting schools by providing on LCB Toilet Cabins (W610) 5% discount.