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Diaper Changing Station – Pendent

The diaper changing station for children is made of hardened plastic and it is designed to be mounted on a wall in horizontal position and, when closed, it should not protrude from the wall by more than 102 mm. If the station is in the open position, no metallic parts of this station are visible and this eliminate the possibility to handle them. No opening mechanism parts are within its reach as well so there is no risk of pinching. The station is equipped with dampening gas spring that ensures easy opening and closing of the station by one hand of the user. The station includes two heavy duty hooks for bag suspension. The station is further equipped with cover paper feeder that is used for covering the station’s loading area. The feeder lock needs no key for its opening and the feeder can be easily converted into the holder of folded paper towels. The amount of cover paper can be monitored through the inspection window. The station offers Instruction manual in seven languages and it is located at the station’s rear side. The fact that restrooms are equipped with diaper changing station should be depicted on the restroom entrance door. The station is equipped with two safety belts where the rear belt is coated with vinyl. The station should be installed so that all the fastening elements are covered in order to provide easy cleaning of the station and eliminate possibility of bacteria settling. The station surface does not hold such areas that would offer possibility to stow away any cans, cups, bottles or cigarettes after the station has been opened. When mounted in the correct manner the station can be placed on any suitable wall. Mounting screws should be covered with caps that are included in the delivery. The station is light grey in colour, it is made of recyclable material and covered with a four year warranty. The station is intended for children up to the age of 3.5 years with max. weight of 23 kg.


The station is shaped so that is fits best the shape of child body. It can be opened easily by one hand and it is equipped with a feeder of protective paper towels that improve the station’s level of hygiene. Safety belt is easily adjustable according to the child size and it is fitted with safety lock.

Diaper Changing Station – HPL Desk

Diaper changing station – the desk of HPL design, 12 mm in thickness, or with aluminium reinforcing structure. As standard, the desk is equipped with the pads that allow changing the diapers of your child with ease and in higher comfort. The pad and desk are made of the materials that meet the strict standards for harmlessness to health and they can be washed.

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