Kvalitní zázemí pro sport i volný čas

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Stainless Steel Program

We supply the stainless elements as requested by the Designer depending on the architectural intent. In our offer, you will find: various types of railing – railing can be combined with glass panes, then the ladders into swimming pools, guide protective hand rails, etc. The elements for swimming pools and swimming establishments are made of chemically resistant stainless materials and they are done with anti-rusting surface finish to eliminate action of free chlorine.

  • customized manufacture as required by customers
  • for humid and aggressive environments (protection against chlorine)
  • for the representative environment
  • combinations of stainless elements and glass

Most Frequent Stainless Elements

  • hand rails
  • railings
  • parts of showers
  • turnstiles
  • facework
  • strips