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The Pay-Pass system, an autonomous payment system, is a complex device to ensure paid access that is implemented by the connection of suitable turnstile and payment terminal.

The typical example of the application deployment is implementation of the paid access, e.g., to the restrooms in public facilities (restaurants, petrol stations, railway stations, bus stations, etc.).

The system assures cash collection for the utilized services. After the customer has paid cash he/she receives voucher (coupon) that can be used later as a purchase token. It allows both autonomous operation with audit and complex utilization of the group of PayPerPass devices to implement the complex functions. The system features internal cash audit and it can be equipped with several types of acceptors. To improve flexibility, the system allows reception and payment in 2 currencies (for example, CZK + EUR).

Pay-Pass Type Turnstiles:

TR094-1090/S023        TT127-1011/S031        GT 101-1090/S01

Optional utilization :

  • Restaurants and refreshments
  • Station premises
  • Camps and accommodation facilities
  • Shopping centres
  • Public restrooms
  • Summer aqua parks and swimming establishments
  • Gas stations

Utilization advantages:

  • reduced costs for cleaning
  • reduction of vandalism and thefts
  • increased return owing to the introduction of vouchers
  • possibility to use statistics and detailed information to optimize operation and increase operational profit
  • short recoverability time
  • easy operation and ergonomic version of the equipment

Version Variants:

RI-TRM-650 – terminal TFT LCD display, voucher printer with large-capacity magazine, 1-4 price levels, coin box
RI-TRM-651 Equipped with non-refunding coin acceptor with cancellation box
RI-TRM-652 Equipped with refunding coin acceptor – 4 nominals
RI-TRM-653 Equipped with refunding coin acceptor – 6 nominals

Optional Supplements for Payment Terminal:

  • Language sets
  • Language + graphical support
  • 125kHz, 13,56MHz technology version or dual technology
  • Wall mounting kit
  • Additional contactless card scanner + 7 basic cards to control passage and mode
  • Leave coupon acceptor – passage pairing
  • System management SW
  • Terminal for coupon verification in cash desk