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Gx Speedgate series Turnstiles

It is intended for quick checkout of persons and immobile users.
It can be operated externally or the device can be integrated into the operator-free passage control system when the chip identification is used. The Speedgate unit is composed of two separate gates installed opposite to each other. The control gate always contains the control unit or chip reader and chip wristband collector. The opposite gate is controlled by the control gate’s pulses. One rotary leaf or two leaves can be installed in the gate frame.

SpeedGate Type Turnstiles :

   GB 101-1090/S           GS 111-1090/S           GB 101-1090/D

Basic Characteristics:

Quick double-leaf gate Speedgate with rotary leaves +/- 90°.


  • S – single rotary leaf in the frame structure
  • D – two leaves in the frame structure

Bidirectional controlled passage. Integrated chip wristwatch reader (entry side of the control gate). Integrated chip wristwatch collector (exit side of the control gate). Graphical simulation of the task sequence on a display + light signalling at the collector’s wristwatch insertion mouth. Light signalling of passage in the top lid.

Turnstile Frame:

Closed cabinet structure with locking covers.


All-metallic design of stainless steel according to AISI 304 or AISI 316 – on request. Cabinet surface ground or brushed or, if appropriate, polished (on request) or painted (on request) with powder paints according to the RAL shades. Fully stainless and inner structure. Offered in the outdoor version as well. The control gate’s top cover made of ESG glass.

Rotary Leaves:

Transparent polycarbonate of 10 mm in thickness, on request – ESG glass thick 8 mm.

Gate Drive Unit:

  • Axial drive with built-in gearbox is enclosed in the rotary leaf’s tube.
  • • Electromagnetic brake prevents unauthorized passage through the gate.

Gate Control Electronics:

Located on the top frame’s board. Smooth start and stopping of the rotary leaf. Setting the leaf rotation speed and the rotation enable time (enabled passage). Optional setting of free passage.

Gate Control:

Entry side: By putting the chip to the reading zone of the reader (separate accessory) or externally with button. Exit side: By putting the chip to the reading zone of the reader (separate accessory) or externally with button.


Monitoring by the presence sensors in the entire length of the passage.

  • Immediate rotation stop if person in the opposite direction is identified.
  • Smooth start and stopping of the arms and setting the rotation speed according to the gate leaf’s size and material assure safe passage.
  • PANIC function (permanent opening of both gate leaves) provide for a safe escape of people. For the duration of external signal
  • Ergonomic design with rounded edges eliminates injuries to the users.

Power Supply Failure:

In case of power supply failure, the drive unit brake is released to allow manual opening and free passage. To maintain its function, the device can be connected to the stand-by power supply.