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TT Type Series Turnstiles


The three-arm rotary barriers suitable for automatic access control with supervision. This turnstile type is fitted with ticket (card) reader and it is installed within the sight of cash-desk or reception personnel in order to make the work easier. The TT 12x series turnstiles are not suitable for the access control in the unguarded premises. The double turnstiles of 120-1090/DP01 and TT-121-1090/DL01 and TT-122-1012/DP01 and TT-123-1012/DP01 types are intended for bidirectional operation. Two barriers with individual control are mounted into the common frame.

TT 122,123 Type Series Turnstiles

  TT-122-1011/S01         TT-122-1012/DP01       TT-122-1012/DL01

TT 124 Type Series Turnstiles


TT 126,127 Type Series Turnstiles

  TT-127-1012/S01         TT-127-1012/S02        TT-127-1012/S03           TT-127-1012/S04

TT 128 Type Series Turnstiles



The AISI 304 or AISI 316L stainless steel resistant to the chemically aggressive environment, material suitable for food industry

  • Ground arms, polished frame
  • All-polished version on request


Control: integrated inside of the turnstile

Power supply: 230V/50Hz, alternatively 12/24V DC

Power input: 300VA


Compatible with the standard access control systems

– series interface

Special interface for communication with the built in controller and connection with the user control system can be contracted on request.


Passage is release by pressing slightly to the turnstile arm. The drive is equipped with a safety moment protection that protects the passing person, e.g. child, from possible injury due to falling or stopping in the transit corridor. Once the person has passed the turnstile, the turnstile arm is placed automatically to its initial position for the next passage.

Entry/Exit Direction – Optional Status

  • free
  • locked
  • electrically controlled
  • access control system
  • manually

If no passage takes place, the released state is cancelled after the preset time.

Passage Rate

Optional, 6 – 22 persons/min, max. 1300 persons/hr Real capacity is given by the capability of visitors to pass the turnstile quickly.


Bearing structure

Tripod turnstile, frame and arms made of tubes, high grade workmanship, 120° arms


Stainless steel, class 241

Surface Finish

Polished tubes, ground panels The entire surface ground on request


Servo drive with controlled adjustment of further passage, panic control, brake to disable passage in the opposite direction. Motor is built in a central tube, optional switching of the passage direction.

Electrical execution

Power supply – 230V AC or 12/24V DC with a stand-by power supply

Installation conditions

Outdoor/indoor environment, placement to the finished floor (cable preparation is necessary)


  • hand rail for a safe passage
  • small gate opposite to the hand rail
  • supplements or installation of a card reader, coin unit, etc.
  • signalling device
  • release button
  • random number generator
  • people meter
  • control panel or remote control
  • stand-by power supply
  • weather-resistant protection (for the outdoor installation)
  • inclinable barrier
  • mounting panel for the user card reader
  • mobile base for temporary use
  • drop arms