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Wet Room Doors

Special doors

Designation: DV 1005

Special doors are designed to be applied in the humid and wet environment with temperature differences of the separated zones.

With their technical properties they are intended for predominant application in:

  • swimming pools
  • aqua parks
  • saunas
  • spas
  • wellness centres
  • fitness centres

The door design consists of a frame of Polystyrol profiles, embedded core of polystyrene, thickness 34 mm. Boards of HPL high-pressure laminate of 3 mm in thickness are pressed to this structure from both sides. The door can be made with glazing as requested by customer.

Handles: as requested by customer
Surface finish by the Colour Card of the HPL board manufacturers.

Standard widths 60 – 90 cm, atypical 100-125 cm.

Door Hardware:

    straight hinge   hinge for metallic door cases   hidden hinge

On the customer request, hidden hinges of the door hardware, stainless handpull or door check can be used for the wet room doors for extra charge.

Wet Room Doors Wet Room Doors (586.1 KB / pdf)

Aluminum door frame

This special door case is intended for application in the wet and humid environment. In connection with the special wet room door it creates functionally irreplaceable whole to fiil the holes in swimming pools, aqua parks, wellness facilities, sports locker rooms, and the like.

Aluminum door frame is used for wall thicknesses from 80 to 210 mm, hole widths up to 1500 mm and standard or selectable height, as required. Surface finish-anodized natural aluminium or elox in imitation of stainless material.

For the Wall Thickness Sizes :

80mm – 130mm : extra charge, modification – AL profile trimming
130mm – 160mm : standard
160mm – 210mm : extra charge, modification – extension AL profile of 50 mm in size

Aluminum door frame Aluminum door frame (638.4 KB / pdf)